Stories with Gatlin Didier...and some hunting

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In this episode, Stephen visits with Gatlin Didier.  Gatlin is a rancher/farmer, actor, internet personality, and a hunter.  Stephen and Gatlin talk about some hunting but also talk about their family, faith, and life.  And in this episode, you'll need to pour yourself a cup of coffee for the coffee talk.

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And until next time, keep hunting and doing what God calls you to do.

Creators and Guests

Gatlin Didier
Gatlin Didier
Gatlin Didier is an actor, producer, and rancher - born and raised in rural western Oklahoma where he learned at a young age that to keep busy you have to entertain yourself and a lot of times others. He also wants to make content that highlights that way of life - country livin'.
Stories with Gatlin Didier...and some hunting